Our Partners

Uniting Hunters, The Outdoor Industry, and Faith Based Organizations together to Strengthen and protect America’s Hunting Heritage

We are humbled and honored to have some of the greatest organizations, industry icons, manufacturers, retailers, and individuals pledging their support to the Harvest.  From retail giants such as Mossy Oak, to industry leaders like Michael Waddell and the Drury’s to patriots such as Mark Geist and Hunter Nation.  The Harvest is now approaching 100 industry partners as our list grows almost daily.  Our partners all share a vision for the future of our hunting heritage and our country and all celebrate proudly God, family and the outdoors.  We hope you will join our growing list of partners committed to preserving the vital aspect of our culture, at a time our nation needs us now more than ever.

Supporting Groups

Supporting Individuals and Groups

Adam Hays – Team 200
Arnie Cole, Back to the Bible
Bill Winke
Billy Kinder Kinder Outdoors
Blast and Cast Men’s Ministries
Bowhunt or Die
Buck Knives
Christian Bowhunters of America
Christian Hunters of America
Christian Sportsmen’s Fellowship
Cross Trail Outfitters
Dallas Safari Club
Don and Kandi Kisky
Dr. Grant Woods
Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry
Father’s in the Field
God’s Great Outdoors
Greater Houston Outdoor Fellowship
Henry and Lakeisha Woodard
Hope Outdoors
Houston Safari Club
Hunt to Harvest
Hunter Nation
Hunters Legacy Forum
Ironman Outdoor Ministries
Jeff Danker
Jim Shepherd
Keith Mark
Kicking Bear
Land Trust
Lee and Tiffany Lakosky
Luke Hilgemann, Hunter Nation
Major League Fishing
Mark Drury
Mark Geist
Mark Rose
Mark Zona
Matt Busbice
Matt Drury
Michael Waddell
Mossy Oak
Muley Fanatic Foundation
Nate Hosie
National Rifle Association
NRA Hunters Leadership FOrum
Providence Marketing Group
Redneck Hunting
Rhino Group
Rob Keck
Roost em Hunting Products
Steve Gruber Radio
Taylor Drury
Terry Drury
The Hunting Public
The Outdoor Wire
Toxey Haas
True North Outdoor Marketing
Viral Outdoors
Weston and Jodi Clark
Will Primos